ProCLASS Distribution Management System

ProCLASS Distribution Management System is a totally integrated, on-line, and real-time software solution that provides all the necessary functionality to manage and operate your distribution centres. Some of the ProCLASS modules are Purchasing, Warehouse management, Inbound and Outbound Control, Order Processing, Billing, Retail Pricing, Merchandizing, and Profitability Analysis and Reporting.

ProCLASS Business Intelligence Suite

Digiflex announces the availability of a new ProCLASS Business Intelligence Suite (ProCLASSBI). ProCLASSBI is a highly customizable solution designed to provide real time, strategic and operational insights into the performance of any business activity.

ProCLASS Warehouse Control System

ProCLASS Warehouse Control System provides the necessary real-time control functionality for distribution facilities with conveyor systems to sort and monitor out-bound and/or in-bound product. By scanning bar-code information on cases and pallets, the real-time processes can direct the product to particular sortation or palletization lanes and track product movement (cases and/or weights) for immediate presentation to warehouse personnel.

CLASS Financials

ProCLASS Financials are a suite of products that seamlessly integrate with one another and with ProCLASS. They provide real-time financial control and analysis of your customers, your vendors, and your operations. ProCLASS modules include General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Payroll.


LAZER DBMS is an interactive database management system designed specifically for the OpenVMS operating system. LAZER DBMS provides the sophistication and performance that makes feature rich systems such as ProCLASS possible. LAZER DBMS is the ideal database management system for on-line and real-time applications where performance, integrity, and large volumes of data are required.

NEXUS Communications

NEXUS Communication software provides a link between portable tele-transaction computers (Telxon, Norand, etc.) and OpenVMS computers to make order taking even easier when integrated with ProCLASS.