ProCLASS Business Intelligence Suite

ProCLASS Business Intelligence Suite (ProCLASSBI) is a highly customizable solution designed to provide real time, strategic and operational insights into the performance of any business activity. With high-level views from a multitude of perspectives, each view can easily be traced down into detailed views, leading to better and faster decisions.

ProCLASSBI is first and foremost designed to provide management with fast and accurate information, across all areas of business activity that are vital for effective strategic decision-making. At the same time, the capability of ProCLASSBI to drill down into more detailed views of business activity provides information necessary for operational decision-making at lower levels. In short, ProCLASSBI is a platform for easily sharing multidimensional information and insight into any business activity, at all levels of decision-making, leading to better, faster, and more relevant decision-making, and ultimately improving the overall performance of your organization.


ProCLASSBI: Advantages & Benefits

Many companies collect enormous amounts of data on their different activities that are often not used effectively or in a timely manner to enhance their performance. If used at all, often several versions of the truth are generated, depending on which department is processing and compiling the data. Different departments often have different definitions, formulas and procedure for interpreting and presenting the data. This further complicates and erodes the effective use of information. Moreover, if not suffering from the multiple-versions-of-the-truth syndrome, it often takes too long for different departments to process and compile data into useful information. Even after such information is generated, answering or investigating a simple question on an interesting observation from such reports would require much effort and further delays.

ProCLASSBI is an effective solution to all these challenges. It provides a single version of the truth by having a standard procedure and a single source of data. Further investigation of interesting observations is just a matter of a few clicks right at the time the observation is made. ProCLASSBI enables you to make effective and timely decisions of both strategic and operational nature, and to enhance the performance of your operations and business activities.

ProCLASSBI is highly customizable at all stages of its life cycle. Development of ProCLASSBI involves interviews in advance, with positions responsible for strategic leadership and for daily operations, to identify the most effective form of business intelligence suitable for you. Once in production, ProCLASSBI remains highly customisable and features can be easily added or changed. Our team of developers and business analysts at Digiflex Information Systems are available on 24/7/365 basis for maintenance and further development and modifications.


ProCLASSBI: Technology

From a user’s perspective, ProCLASSBI is a simple and straightforward browser based business intelligence service, which can be accessed from a smart phone to a desktop computer. Deep inside, however, it builds on Microsoft SharePoint Technology for visualisation of information, and on Microsoft SQL Server Technology for processing the transactional data.


ProCLASSBI: Security

Security is taken very seriously in the design of ProCLASSBI. Access from beyond your Intranet in only available via secure and encrypted connections, and each user has to be specifically authorized as to which information they can access.


ProCLASSBI: User Interface

ProCLASSBI’s user interface design prioritizes simplicity of use. It presents the rich and complex nature of business intelligence content in easy-to-understand formats and allows for easy recognition of issues that require further investigation and drill-down. A typical homepage of a ProCLASSBI site depicted below is the gateway to business intelligence on a multitude of information from a variety of aspects of a business activity, both strategic and operational. Each of the menus on the homepage of the BI site leads to intelligence and insight from a variety of dimensions, via a variety of visualisation features including graphs, report tables, interactive geocoded maps, and more.

All items in each of the menus share the same colour scheme, using colour to assist with recalling past items of interest. Navigation is simple and straightforward, with all authorized screens being accessible from any other screen, without the need to constantly navigate up and down menu options.

Similar and separate ProCLASSBI sites are available for use by your major partners (customers or suppliers) and such sites only present information relevant to each specific partner. These partner sites can have a fee attached, either a recurring flat fee or based on usage.


ProCLASSBI: Customization and Maintenance

ProCLASSBI is highly customizable and flexible to meet your needs, both during and after implementation. Our team of developers and business analysts are available on a 24/7/365 basis for support and further development and modifications.


For detailed systems specifications, please contact one of our ProCLASSBI Representatives.