ProCLASS Distribution Management System

Executive Summary

ProCLASS is a totally integrated, online and real-time solution for Purchasing, Inbound Control, Receiving, Inventory Control, Warehouse Management, Order Processing, Billing, Merchandising, Drop Shipments, Retail Pricing, POS Support, Load Building & Shipping Control. Implementation is via a single database, allowing you to combine your Wholesale, Retail, Food Service, and Manufacturing operations into one integrated system.

ProCLASS will handle the following business areas:


The ProCLASS Purchasing module provides your company's buyers with all of the information that they need to operate efficiently.

Sales history and current product inventory data is analyzed to project upcoming requirements which buyers can review in real time while creating Purchase Orders.

Product cubes and weights are listed and tallied to facilitate inbound freight balancing and efficiencies.

Supplier promotional programs and pricing changes can be entered with their application dates, ensuring that suppliers promotional programs are captured and that limited time offers are capitalized upon.

Extensive reporting is available to analyze all aspects of buyer and vendor performance.

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Inbound Control & Receiving

ProCLASS ensures an accurate and efficient process is in place for transportation, scheduling of receiving and recording of inbound goods.

Advance notice of inbound volumes assists in scheduling staff levels and planning directed put away.

Scanners, RF systems and Bar Code Labels all help ensure accuracy and efficiencies in Receiving.

Automated matching of PO's and receiving reports ensures prompt payment of complete orders and flagging of any discrepancies.

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Warehouse Management

ProCLASS Warehouse Management offers all of the sophisticated features that a large, multi-location Food Distribution Company requires ensuring optimum efficiency, flexibility, reporting and control over the movement and storage of product.

By tracking weights, cubes, TI/HI data, movement history and slot sizes and locations ProCLASS ensures that the space utilization is maximized.

Highly user configurable to meet your specific warehouse layout and racking this module can be tuned to optimize the functioning of your Distribution Centres.

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Automated Warehouse Control System

The ProCLASS Warehouse Control System provides the necessary real-time control functionality for distribution facilities with conveyor systems to sort and monitor out-bound and/or in-bound product.

It is customizable to work with each customers specific site layout and can be integrated into other automated systems for material handling, whether it is palletization or picking.

By scanning bar-code information on cases and pallets, the real-time processes can direct the product to particular sorting or palletization lanes and track product movement (cases and/or weights) for immediate presentation to warehouse personnel.

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Inventory Control

ProCLASS Inventory Control provides the functionality you require to move, track and report on your inventory.

Stocking taking can be reduced or eliminated, depending on the customer's use of floating or fixed slots and inventory management policies.

Use of bar code labels and RF technology increase accuracy and productivity.

Extensive reporting provides the information that management needs to reduce inventory expense areas and increase control and turns.

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Order Processing & Billing

Improved order processing and billing can increase your sales and improve customer satisfaction, while ensuring the best possible margins are realized and credits risks are controlled.

As with all ProCLASS functions, Order Processing has real time access to a common database that enables confirmation of inventory, credit status, available substitute items and customer delivery schedules at the time of order entry.

Virtually unlimited pricing options ensure that the offering of customer specific and product specific pricing is also managed correctly at the time of order entry.

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CustomDirect Ordering Subsystem

The CustomDirect Ordering Subsystem is designed to allow customers (stores) to create their own orders in ProCLASS after viewing their order history, upcoming promotions, delivery schedules, and system-recommended order quantities.

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Shipping Control

Managing and reporting on order volumes, truck loading, route planning, order tracking and on-time delivery is handled via the ProCLASS Shipping Control module.

This information is used to ensure efficient operation of scheduling, picking, loading and delivery, thereby reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction levels.

ProCLASS real time access of a common database, continually apprises Operations staff of the status of order processing, enabling compression of the customer order cycle.

Scheduling of staff, loading docks and equipment will be optimized by the on-line capabilities and comprehensive reporting offered in the Shipping Control module.

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Drop Shipments

The ability to handle drop shipments in a flexible manner, while maintaining price and freight controls is an essential part of your customer service offering.

ProCLASS Drop Shipment flexibility includes the ability to include an override customer markup rate, integration for generating customer invoices and with CLASS A/P for supplier payments.

Sales Analysis, and Customer Profitability reports provide drop shipment information for each store's overall purchase volumes (direct to store and from the warehouse) for comparison analysis.

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Retail Pricing

Providing flexibility, control and extensive reporting makes ProCLASS retail pricing a key component in your customer service strategy.

Our ability to create unlimited groups and subgroups of products and customers, each with their own pricing rules and strategies gives ProCLASS customers complete control of the pricing function.

ProCLASS includes several order guide formats and provides a flexible grouping structure which creates unlimited custom order guides.

Limited time specials, up charges as a % or fixed cost and contract pricing are all handled within ProCLASS.

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A virtually unlimited pricing and retail management structure allows you to maximize sales and margin, enabling you to have a one-to-one marketing relationship with your wholesale, food service, or retail customers.

Customized Order Guides can be by individual customer, by customer group, and/or by customer subgroups, simplifying the fulfillment of the specific requirements of your customer base.

Price changes can be downloaded to your P.O.S. systems on a scheduled or ad-hoc basis.

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Point of Sale

Communicating with your P.O.S. system and flexible label printing capability are key features of this module.

POS historical data can be used to assist in forecasting sales and planning product purchasing.

ProCLASS offers seven different styles of shelf labels and talkers and offers extensive selection options, including by ad programs or label requests transmitted via a Telxon or a similar device.

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Security & Access Control

Extending the built in security of the computing platforms' operating system, ProCLASS has comprehensive security controls and reporting.

ProCLASS provides an intuitive interface with on-line help at every prompt, and an easy to use 2-level menu system that can accommodate up to 900 different menu options.

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