Company Profile

Digiflex Information Systems Inc. was formed in 1993 to develop and market an integrated suite of applications for the grocery distribution and food processing industries. Although Digiflex is a young company, its principal officers each have 20 or more years of experience in Information Technology, all of which has been gained in the grocery and food products distribution industry.

Our customers, from various industry segments and a wide range of size and complexity, have all benefited from our system design philosophies of quality, integration, simplicity of operation and ease of maintenance. Our software products all scale exceptionally well. A pricing structure based upon the number of users allows us to be priced competitively for smaller customers and offer all of the advanced features which large customers require.

Digiflex will partner with your organization to share the responsibility for increasing your market share and reducing your operating costs. Digiflex software has helped enabled our customers to grow their business and profits in an increasingly competitive marketplace by reducing their Information Technology costs while increasing customer responsiveness and operating efficiencies.

Digiflex employees offer their expertise based on many of years of experience in areas such as: System Design, DBMS, TQM, Analysis, Systems Management, Systems Consulting, Capacity Planning, Technical Writing, Windows Application Development, WEB design, Network Administration, Field Engineering, Operations Management, Strategic Planning, and Project Management.

Digiflex has the first truly integrated application, ProCLASS Distribution Management System, to handle the business requirements of small to very large businesses in Wholesale, Retail, Food Service, and Manufacturing of food and non-food products. We have the expertise and experience necessary to provide customer specific customizations and to build new software components while maintaining the common look and feel and the benefits of complete integration with the core ProCLASS applications.