CLASS Payroll

Experts estimate that up to 70% of a company's revenues are spent on labour costs. These high labour costs underline the importance of an effective Payroll Management System. Companies today must have the ability to obtain accurate and timely labor cost reporting as well as up-to-date records of their employees.

Digiflex has recognized this urgency, and has looked beyond the normal functions expected of a computerized payroll system. We introduce to you our CLASS Payroll - A Superior Payroll System possessing unique features not normally found in a standard payroll package to give you maximum control over your data.



The CLASS Payroll System enables management to monitor vast amounts of detail yet streamlines the data flow so that the user experiences little difficulty in obtaining comprehensive and complete payroll information.

Due to the enormous flexibility in the CLASS Payroll Applications, it is almost impossible to list all abilities and features in this overview. In the same respect, your payroll may possess unique requirements that haven't been addressed above.

We would like to analyze your specifications, work with you, and show you the right solution to your payroll problems.

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