CLASS General Ledger

Today's managers must meet demanding objectives. They must be able to define at any given time the financial position of their area of responsibility. Management must also be able to project revenues and expenses for future periods. This information is vital to the conception of successful business strategies.

Digiflex introduces our highly flexible CLASS General Ledger System. It is the fundamental tool for the company that requires a high degree of financial control. The CLASS System not only provides you with comprehensive reporting and flexible budgeting abilities, but imposes no limit on the amount of information that can be directly and immediately accessed.


Report Generator

This flexible information-oriented report writer provides you with virtually unlimited methods of presenting your account information. You can easily and selectively create report formats without any programming knowledge or experience. Any account and its file information can be accessed and listed in a report, as well as any budgets for any specified period. There is no restriction on combinations of financial or non-financial information that can be displayed.

You can modify fields within a report without changing the entire report or its format. You have the ability to select up to forty modes of printing the dollar amounts. The Exchange Code table is utilized to report financial information in foreign currency. The System will also report units for measurement values. Working totals provide arithmetic calculations on balances, budges, dollar amounts, units or period numbers. A set of reports can be grouped together and printed in a chain. Each chain has no limit to the number of reports held within it and accordingly has no limit to the number of chains that lie beneath it.

The CLASS Report Writer is designed for YOU - the accounting professional, to provide you with maximum flexibility in listing and reporting your financial information for presentation to management. It offers incredible freedom, yet is easy enough for the accountant to use without having any knowledge in programming.

Full Integration

All CLASS Financial Systems can be integrated into the General Ledger to provide maximum flexibility and efficiency within your financial structure. All Systems promote similar menu formats to ease the learning procedures and actual operation of your financial applications.


The CLASS General Ledger offers you an extremely flexible Reporting System that can adapt to even the most complex of corporate structures. Along with the vertical and horizontal account structure and reporting and budgeting capabilities, you achieve the ultimate in financial control.

You receive not only an in-depth picture of your company's progress but detailed information about the operations in each of your divisions. Despite the extreme power and complexity, the System is easy to follow and operate at all levels, from data entry to management reporting.

We would like to help you analyze your accounting requirements and show you how the CLASS General Ledger System can solve your reporting requirements.

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