CLASS Financials

CLASS Financials provide a complete range of financial management and reporting functions. General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Payroll applications can be operated stand alone, integrated to the General Ledger or tightly coupled to the full suite of ProCLASS Distribution Management applications.

Use of a common database across applications provides the efficiency needed to handle extremely large transaction volumes across multiple physical locations, without any performance penalty.

An intuitive menu system facilitates quick configuration and implementation of CLASS financials. All menu's and processes are standardized across the entire ProCLASS and CLASS family, reducing the learning curve and ensuring the greatest possible productivity.

A comprehensive set of standardized reports are available, and a report generator allows quick creation of customized reports for timely and specialized analysis of your business.

With a fully controllable security system, access to all accounting functions and menu items is assigned to users as required by their role in your organization. Access logs and authorizations are controlled by a systems administrator to ensure that the right information is available to authorized staff.

Included in our CLASS Financials family of software are:

The CLASS Financials Features and Benefits

For detailed systems specifications, please contact one of our CLASS Representatives.